Mayke Beckmann Briggs

Mayke Beckmann Briggs was born in Cologne, Germany. After completing a degree in pre-med, she moved to England to attend art school in London.

Moving to the US in 1978, she studied Macrobiotics with Michio and Aveline Kushi in Boston , Massachusetts, and became a Macrobiotic Counselor, primarily assisting AIDS and cancer patients in both healing and dying. Her practice evolved into family counseling, which grew into spiritual counseling, teaching and writing.

She collaborated in research at San Francisco State University to evaluate the benefits of meditation to reduce violence and suicide among student populations. 

She draws her inspiration from the ancient teachings of the world's religions and philosophies, her conversations with children, and her own life long dedication and experience with meditation as both student and teacher.

"That which is an absence in a young child, becomes a presence in a sage" 

After living in Northern California for 16 years she now spends most of her time in New England, Europe and Utah, where she lives with her husband  and the youngest of their five children.

She can be reached by email at,
or through her Blog.

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Author and Illustrator of  "Here You Are"