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                                                       (ISBN # 9780977646913)
8x10 Hardcover, 44 pages 
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Here You Are has opened a new door into the hearts and minds of children everywhere. Joy turns into questions while a small child journeys through life's most fundamental truths and puzzles.  Suddenly, remembering that which is beyond all questions, deep in his own heart,  all the wondering about "friends and enemies" - "darkness and light" – "Where do I come from?" and "Where do I go?" – dissolve into delight, and a quiet, joyful gladness, reminding us of the Wordless Wisdom Within in our children and ourselves.

The central figure in the book - is the young reader himself. The depth of the message comes from the richness between the lines as well as the child-like chalk drawings. The colorful nature illustrations and sweet portraits, make Here You Are a wonderful baby book. Combined with the simple yet profound statements, Here You Are also is an ideal first reader book, inspiring both insight and reflection in the growing child.   

A high quality gift book with gold leaf title on black canvas covers, protected by a thick, shiny dust jacket, plus the heavy paper inside, makes this a book that will keep well throughout the years.

During a recent Book Fair at the  prestigious Hamlin School in San Francisco, Here You Are was the best selling title of the children's book collection for the lower elementary age group. 

For magazine reviews, children's comments, teachers, counselors, nurses, and parents' reviews, scroll down  to the lower part of this page.  Additional reviews can be found at Amazon.                 


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Here You Are won the 2009 Mom's Choice Award - as Silver Recipient in the Motivational/Inspirational category for Children's Picture Books, age 0-9.

The Mom's Choice Awards® is known for establishing the benchmark of excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services. This annual competition recognizes authors, inventors, companies, parents and others for their efforts in creating quality family-friendly media products and services. Parents, educators, retailers and the media trust the Mom's Choice Awards® for product reviews and evaluations. The Mom's Choice Awards® has a panel of distinguished judges who evaluate all submissions, which are judged on their own merit.

The list of judges for this year s competition include such notables as: Dr. Twila C. Liggett, ten-time Emmy winner, professor and founder of PBS s Reading Rainbow; Julie Aigner-Clark, creator of Baby Einstein; LeAnn Thieman, co-author of seven Chicken Soup for the Soul Books; Tara Paterson, ACPI CCPI, certified Parent Coach and founder of the Mom's Choice Awards® and, Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C., author, movie producer and host of WrightPlace TV as well as being ranked in the top 50 of the Most Influential Women in Social Media.

Evaluation Criteria: The MCA judges are especially interested in entries that support the growth of families emotionally, physically, and spiritually, and are morally sound and promote good will. They also look for entries that are inspirational and uplifting. Parents, educators, retailers, and the media rely on the MCA s reviews and evaluations as a trusted resource for children and families. --Mom's Choice Award 


Light of Consciousness Magazine,
Vol.20, No. 3, Fall 2008

The Non-dualistic path of self inquiry - "Who am I?" - is conveyed to children in this delightful book. Inside the cover page (in small print for the grownups) is a quote by Ramana Maharshi that says in part: "If you find out the truth about yourself and discover your own source, this is all that is required." "Here You Are" it begins "standing on the ground." The text is simple; the colorful chalk drawings are whimsical and sweet. We end by touching love as big as the sky and read: Here you are.

The whole is a joy! (For ages 4-8)

Oneota Reading Journal (Decorah Public Library and Luther College, endorsed by the Iowa State Librarian) Review by Caitlin M. Sanders - Fall 2008 Issue

"This is a refreshing picture book that is perfect for starting a discussion with children about who we are, how everything was created, and why we are here.  The questions it raises are those that every human being asks at one point or another.  These questions are a common thread throughout humanity and therefore transcend cultural and religious boundaries.  The simple yet exquisite illustrations compliment the text to provide a meaningful experience for all readers." (CMS)

Blogpost by Author Shel Israel , Sept 11, 2007

Why is this day particularly appropriate to post this? Because today is a good day to salute the beauty of life and of what is in a child's heart.

I had had a particularly tough day. By coincidence, the very next thing I did was to open up a recently received Here You Are children's book by Mayke Beckmann Briggs. Mayke, a mother of five kids is both the author and illustrator, and both the illustrations and text
 works of authentic beauty.

Here You Are, asks questions that every child and most adults ponder--often without finding a suitable answer. Mayke gives a true and touching answer.

Yes, I want you to buy her book. Buy one for each of the kids in your life, I don't care what age they are. The book will work. Buy an extra for yourself as well. I'll stake whatever reputation chits I have with you that you will not regret your decision.

Amazon (US), Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful and Profound, February 3, 2008
by Clinical Psychologist Cherie Safapou, PhD

This is a beautifully illustrated book. The words provide a profound spiritual lesson, a lesson that we'd all do well to take into our hearts. I've given copies to a number of friends of mine, and they all agree that the book serves as a wonderful reminder of the meaning of our existence--when the world seems like a dark and gloomy place, one need look no farther than this book as a source of comfort and reassurance.

The great thing about this book is that it is equally inspiring to both children and adults. While the theme of the story is applicable to all age groups, it's written in such a manner that any child can easily grasp its simple yet deeply meaningful message. I recently read the book to a number of schoolchildren, and several of them later came up to me and said that they'd been surprised because it was the first time they'd seen a book that was about - “them”-. It's true; most "children's books" are stories about imaginary characters, but this book is addressed to the reader, the child. This fact alone makes it a standout.

I'd recommend this book to anyone who wishes to spur spiritual thinking in a child (or an adult!). I would also recommend it to anyone with an interest in meditation and other spiritual practices, as this book does an excellent job of guiding the reader into the meditative mindset. All in all, it's a magnificent work.

5.0 out of 5 stars Profound, comforting and philosophical, February 13, 2008, By Dean Welsh ( Junction City, KS)

Beautiful message and illustrations.

Suitable for any belief system as it ask lots of questions (ie. "Who made everything?", "Why am I here?", etc.) but allows the reader to draw their own conclusions. I really appreciate that aspect of this profound and wonderful book.

The author has a kind and insightful heart. Best of wishes to her!

5.0 out of 5 stars Introduction to the "Big Questions", November 4, 2008, By Brian Schell, Daily
There are umpteen-gazillion books out there, both good and bad, concerning Buddhism for adult readers. There are very few good books for Children that involve Buddhist ideas. Books based upon the Jataka Tales are classics, but those stories are ancient and somewhat generic in nature. Modern-day Buddhist children books are starting to enter the market, albeit slowly. This is one of them.

It's a durable hardcover children's book with heavy pages and bright colors throughout. The text is short and extremely simple, and even beginning readers will be able to move through the book quickly. The drawings are simple but bright, and mostly involve "You," the central character in the story. Unlike stories about 3rd-person characters, "You" are the center of attention here. Fortunately, since the pronoun "You" works whether reading the book yourself or having the book read to you, it's a neat idea.

The subject here is about the main character, who asks the questions, "Who made everything?", "Why am I here?" and several other "big" questions. The book does not supply answers to any of the big questions, that's up to the adult in the child's life to explain. There are no references to God or any other specific religion. The book could literally be used to introduce any child to the big questions, and the adult must supply whatever answers they feel are appropriate.

I'm assuming that DailyBuddhism readers are going to want to use the book to explain the Buddhist perspective on the questions posed here. The book is fine for that, and there is one section of the book:

- Here you are, wondering,
- how everything appears out of nowhere like the waves rise up from the sea,
- and how everything vanishes into nothing,
- like the waves, on a calm summer's day.

This could lead into a decidedly Buddhist-tinted discussion.

The one and only problem I see with the book are the pictures of "You" (see the cover image). The pictures are all of a little boy, or perhaps a girl with very short hair. I'm not sure whether this was an artistic decision or an oversight. I imagine it would be confusing to try to make the pictures of "You" to apply to everyone. Still, unless you are buying the book is for a little Caucasian boy, be prepared.

Amazon (UK) Review,

5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful and insightful for kids,14 Oct 2008, by P.E. Smith
This is a simple, yet stunningly beautiful book for bright young things, from the very young to nursery/pre-school age. Our daughter reads this over and over again, and has already memorized all the lines. I believe she will remain captivated as she finds out what they mean (she is one). Visually and philosophically stimulating, and different from most other kids books out there. Highly recommended.

Reader Responses

Here You Are has been the catalyst for many wonderful thoughts and insights shared with us by children and adults over the years. These responses prompted us to publish the original little book as the sturdy hardcover book it is today. Here are a few of those comments we have found especially heart warming. Scroll down past the children's comments for emails sent to us by teachers, nurses, counselors and parents. For more stories and a look at some of the illustrations, go to the author's blog at (Link at top of this page, to the right)

Nikki (5):        (Page 16 - Why are we here?) “To love, of course!

Lucas (5):      (Page 27 – Here you are…wondering…how everything appears out of nowhere, like the waves rise up from the sea, and how everything vanishes, into nothing - like the waves, on a calm summer’s day, into the mirror-like lake.) “Yes, how everything changes into everything else.

Brandon (5): (Page 3 - Here you are, standing on the ground.) “I love being barefoot.

Jenny (8):    (Page 5 - Under the big blue sky.) “The sky is bigger than anything and it gives you space. So much space you want to fly”

John (5):       (Page 15 - Who made everything?) God, of course. But God is invisible, like he isn’t even there or couldn’t even make anything. That’s what makes people confused.”

Janie (5):    (Page 20 - Here you are wondering…about friends and enemies.) “When you have an enemy you can turn him into your friend with your magic powers. Once you get your magic powers.”

Jeffrey (7) (Page 22 - Here you are wondering…about earthquakes and hurricanes.) “It (the hurricane) was really scary, and then, some of the people were even more scary – all the bad guys came out. But much more people helped people than hurt people.”

Ann (8):      (Page 24 - Here you are, wondering, about sad and happy.) “Always when I am sad, then I am happy again. And then I am sad again. Happy, sad, happy, sad, happy, sad. But happy always wins, ‘cause I like happy best.”

Jackie (4):     (Page 17 - Why am I here?) “We are here for waiting.” (Little girl in the Seattle Children’s Hospital during a long stay – waiting for her release, as well as her Dad’s return from Iraq)

Mary (78);     “I just remembered the most wonderful day and night I ever had in my life - with my Dad - when I was five, when we went camping in the desert. How could I have forgotten?” (Right after reading Here You Are).

Moritz (21): Here You Are saved my life while I was waiting for my mother to arrive from Germany. It kept me grounded.” (Mental health patient at Marin General Hospital after suffering a nervous breakdown).

Zack (5):        "Is that me, Mom?" (At the end of the book, after reading Here You Are to his mother)

Feb 6, 2008 Ingrid, Buddhist

Thank you so much for your lovely, wonderful book!

I'd just come home after sort of a really bad day when I found it in my letter box - and somehow it was just what I needed. :-)
Thank you! It is so uncomplicated and profound - and happy!

Feb 7, 2008 Tonja , Mother

Hi, I just wanted to write and say thanks for your book. Some of my oldest daughter's (4yrs.) comments were:

As I was reading the "Who made everything?" page, she shouted "GOD!"

On the big purple heart page, she asked,"Is that how big our heart is?" She also thought this was one of the prettiest pages. Her favorite illustration was the flowers and butterflies page.

Feb 4, 2008 by Julie E., Teacher

Hi Mayke

I just had my last “group” for the day. I’ve read the book to all the grade levels.

I read the book to the 3-5th grades first and they gave me a very literal response, as did the first graders such as, “I think about earthquakes” and “We are here”. But I have to tell you, they were thinking.
My second graders were the most insightful:

  • “The author is trying to tell me to be happy for yourself and be happy for the world.”
  • “Happiness is in your heart”
  • “Love is in your heart”

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