We are dedicated to the publication of books that bring peace and joy to the hearts and minds of today's children, and their families. In a world of ever increasing distractions, we aim to provide a centering and reassuring experience  for our young readers while engaging them in life's biggest questions.

BoathouseBooks was founded in 2005 in an old boathouse on San Francisco Bay, inspired by the beauty, tranquility and silence found there. In 2009 offices were moved to the solitude of the mountains in Alta, Utah.


Our recently released children's book  Here You Are, by author and illustrator Mayke Beckmann Briggs, has opened a new door into the hearts and minds of children everywhere. With its  colorful nature illustrations and sweet portraits, Here You Are is a great baby book. With the simple and meaningful statements, Here You Are also makes for an ideal first reader book, inspiring both insight and reflection in the growing child.

Joy turns into questions while a small child journeys through life's most fundamental truths and puzzles.  Suddenly, remembering that which is beyond all questions, deep in his own heart,  all the wondering about "friends and enemies" - "darkness and light" – "Where do I come from?" and "Where do I go?" – dissolve into delight, and a quiet, satisfying gladness. A great book for bedtime! Winner of the 2009 Mom's Choice Award, silver recipient in the Motivational/Inspirational category for Children's Picture Books, age 0-9.

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Here You Are can be ordered from Baker and Taylor

ISBN# 9780977646913


Here You Are is available from Follett Library Resources

ISBN# 9780977646913

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We are interested in children's books with a strong spiritual element, without being preachy. We join the Dalai Lama in stating that our religion is Kindness. Stories should be engaging without being overly stimulating, and should deliver a moment of joy and recognition. We are interested in writers who are skilled at writing between the lines, and can figure out how to give the reader an actual experience of love, gratitude, joy or peace. 


We look for art that is sophisticated in its simplicity. Child-like art that a child can imagine he could possibly have created himself, is preferred. As the world gets increasingly perfected around us, we would like to offer an intentionally un-designed, non-tech feeling, while retaining high artistic value. This value should come from a deep understanding of children.


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All manuscripts have to be double spaced. Due to the large volume of submissions we no longer return manuscripts.  Thank You for your understanding. 

Update 2012:
Even though we have received many wonderful manuscripts and beautiful art work we have not yet found "the one" to follow Here You Are. We enjoy working with authors and have done our best to send feedback and inspiration to help with submissions to other publishers.